Email Marketing Terms

Here is a list of 100+ email marketing terms that every marketer should know:

A/B Testing
Testing two versions of an email or element to determine which one performs better.
Abandoned Cart Email
Email sent to remind users about items left in an online shopping cart.
Above the Fold
Content that appears on the screen without requiring scrolling.
Acquisition Email
Email sent with the purpose of acquiring new customers or leads.
Automated email sent in response to a specific action or event.
List of email senders or domains identified as spam or malicious.
Bottom of the Funnel
Stage in the customer journey where prospects are close to making a purchase.
Bounce Rate
Percentage of emails that are not delivered successfully.
Buyer Persona
A fictional representation of an ideal customer based on market research and data.
Legislation that sets rules for commercial email, including opt-out requirements.
Call-to-Action (CTA)
A directive to encourage recipients to take a specific action.
Cart Abandonment Rate
Percentage of users who add items to a cart but don’t complete the purchase.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Percentage of recipients who click on a link in an email.
Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR)
Percentage of unique opens that result in a click.
Cold Email
An unsolicited email sent to recipients who have no prior relationship with the sender.
Conversion Funnel
A series of stages that a prospect goes through before making a purchase.
Conversion Rate
Percentage of recipients who take the desired action, such as making a purchase.
Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Cost incurred to acquire a customer through email marketing.
Offering related or complementary products or services to customers.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Predicted revenue generated from a customer over their lifetime.
Data Segmentation
Process of dividing data into specific categories or segments for analysis or targeting.
The ability of an email to successfully reach recipients’ inboxes.
Delivery Rate
Percentage of emails successfully delivered to recipients’ inboxes.
Double Opt-In
Process of confirming a subscription via email after an initial opt-in.
Drip Campaign
A series of pre-scheduled emails sent to subscribers over time.
Dynamic Content
Customized content within an email that changes based on recipient data or behavior.
Email Automation
The use of automated workflows or triggers to send targeted emails.
Email Blast
Sending a single email to a large number of recipients simultaneously.
Email Campaign
Coordinated series of emails sent for a specific purpose or goal.
Email Client
Software or application used to access and read emails.
Email Footer
Section at the bottom of an email containing legal information, disclaimers, and unsubscribe links.
Email Header
Section at the top of an email containing sender information, subject line, and logo.
Email List Segmentation
Dividing an email list into smaller segments based on specific criteria.
Email Marketing Software
Tools or platforms used to create, send, and manage email campaigns.
Email Open Rate
Percentage of recipients who open an email.
Email Service Provider (ESP)
Company or platform that provides email marketing services.
Engagement Email
Email designed to encourage recipient interaction or response.
Engagement Rate
Measure of recipient interaction with an email, such as clicks, opens, and replies.
Event-Triggered Email
Automated email triggered by a specific event or user action.
Incorporating game elements, such as rewards or challenges, into email campaigns.
Growth Hacking
Strategies or tactics focused on rapid growth and user acquisition.
HTML Email
An email format that allows for design and layout customization using HTML code.
Hard Bounce
An email that permanently fails to deliver due to an invalid or non-existent email address.
Inactive Subscriber
A recipient who hasn’t engaged with emails for a specific period.
Inbound Email
Email received by a recipient in their inbox from external sources.
Inbox Placement Rate
Percentage of emails delivered to recipients’ primary inboxes.
Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
A measurable value used to evaluate the success of email campaigns.
Landing Page
Web page where recipients are directed to after clicking on a link in an email.
Lead Magnet
Valuable content or offer provided to prospects in exchange for their contact information.
Lead Nurturing
Process of building relationships and engaging with prospects to move them closer to a sale.
Lifecycle Email
Emails sent at specific stages of the customer lifecycle, targeting different needs or behaviors.
List Building
Activities aimed at growing an email subscriber list.
List Churn
Rate at which subscribers join or leave an email list.
List Fatigue
Decreased engagement or responsiveness from an email list over time.
List Hygiene
Process of regularly cleaning and updating an email list to remove inactive or invalid addresses.
List Purchase
Acquiring an email list from a third-party source.
List Rental
Renting a third-party email list for sending marketing messages.
List Segmentation
Dividing an email list into specific groups based on defined characteristics.
Multivariate Testing
Testing multiple variations of different elements in an email simultaneously.
Nurture Campaign
A series of emails designed to nurture and educate leads over time.
Act of voluntarily subscribing to an email list.
Act of unsubscribing or requesting to be removed from an email list.
Permission-Based Marketing
Marketing approach that requires explicit consent from recipients to receive emails.
Customizing email content based on individual recipient data.
Personalized Email
Emails tailored to individual recipients based on their preferences, behaviors, or data.
Fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information by disguising as a trustworthy entity.
The short summary or text that follows the subject line in an email inbox.
Preview Text
A short summary or preview of an email displayed alongside the subject line.
Purchase Confirmation Email
Email sent to confirm a purchase and provide order details.
Purchase Funnel
The process that leads a prospect from initial interest to making a purchase.
ROI Tracking
Monitoring and measuring the return on investment of email marketing efforts.
Re-Engagement Campaign
Campaign aimed at reactivating inactive subscribers.
Re-engagement Email
Email sent to re-engage inactive subscribers or customers.
Responsive Design
Designing emails to adapt and display well on different devices and screen sizes.
Responsive Email Design
Designing emails to adapt and display well on different devices and screen sizes.
Return on Investment (ROI)
Measure of the profitability or effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.
Sales Funnel
The path that prospects go through to become customers, including awareness, consideration, and decision stages.
Segmented Campaign
Email campaign targeted to a specific segment of the audience based on specific criteria.
Sender Score
Numeric score indicating the reputation of an email sender.
Soft Bounce
A temporary delivery failure of an email due to a temporary issue, such as a full mailbox.
Spam Complaint
When a recipient marks an email as spam.
Spam Filter
Software or algorithm that identifies and blocks spam emails.
Forging or faking the email sender’s identity to deceive recipients.
Subject Line
Short summary that entices recipients to open an email.
An individual who has opted in to receive emails from a particular sender.
Subscriber Engagement
Level of interaction and responsiveness of subscribers to email campaigns.
Target Audience
Specific group of individuals to whom an email campaign is directed.
Targeted Email
Email sent to a specific audience or segment based on specific criteria.
Test Group
A subset of recipients used for testing or comparison purposes.
Transactional Email
Emails triggered by a user action or transaction, such as order confirmations or password resets.
Triggered Email
Automated email sent in response to a specific trigger or event.
Unsubscribe Rate
Percentage of recipients who opt out or unsubscribe from an email list.
Offering customers a higher-priced or upgraded product or service.
User-Generated Content (UGC)
Content created by users, such as reviews or testimonials.
Viral Email
An email that quickly spreads or gains significant attention through social sharing or forwarding.
Welcome Email
First email sent to new subscribers or customers to welcome and introduce them to the brand or service.
List of approved email senders or domains that bypass spam filters.
Win-back Campaign
Campaign aimed at re-engaging inactive or lost customers.

These terms cover various aspects of email marketing and should help marketers navigate the email marketing landscape more effectively.